Mo's Rescue Story

Our dog Moses (Mo) appears handsome, strong and majestic but, deep down, he’s a little broken and in need of repair.

Mo's first year of life was traumatic.   From what we know, he was training as a livestock guard dog at a farm in Ohio when, at about 8 months of age, Mo and his sister, Ava, were set free as strays by their farmer. The wonderful volunteers at The National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network (NASRN) discovered Mo and Ava and put them under their care. While being fostered at a NASRN volunteer's home, Mo experienced a house fire. Luckily, everyone escaped unharmed. Unfortunately, the house was not so lucky. Mo was boarded at a kennel for several months until we found him online.

Mo can’t tell us his story but we know that he suffered mentally and physically before his rescue. We have learned this from the way that he behaves. He is very wary of men and most women. He is afraid of yelling, loud noises or anything that sounds like guns or fireworks.

He also had physical damage to his legs from a dangle stick he was found wearing when rescued. This contraption is a chain with a steel pipe attached to keep dogs from chasing livestock. It is supposed to bang against the chest and legs to make it uncomfortable to run. Mo’s chain was so long that the steel pipe slammed against the front of his legs. When we got him, he still had large swollen lumps on his shins, even though he had not worn a dangle stick for months (the picture below is of Mo and Ava wearing dangle sticks when they were found as strays).

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Mo and Ava being rescued.

Mo came to us via transport on a rainy Saturday in April 2017. We vividly remember the moment we saw him. He looked right into our eyes with a look of “Do I know you?” This poor soul had been between so many people and places that it seemed like he was trying to recognize someone, anyone, familiar. Below is a video of that very first time.


We have had Mo for over a year now. It took months for him to get comfortable with his new family, to living in a house and even walking through doorways. He is still timid around people so we have him out and about as much as possible. We live in a wonderful seacoast town, so there is never a lack of vacationing dog lovers wanting to pet Mo. We have also learned that he is most comfortable with other dogs so we make it a point to take him to doggy daycare a few days a week. There, he can be his authentic doggie self.

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Mo and his best pal Papi

I remember hoping for the day when Mo's magnificent tail would wag at home - as a sign of his happiness and contentment. Now, a year later, it happens all of the time! At last, Mo is truly comfortable with us and he knows we are his, forever.

Rescue Dog, Animal Welfare, Dog Photographer

Mo and his boy brother, Rory


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