The Tail of Two Vacations

“To each his own” as the saying goes. Some of us prefer vacations and, for others, staycations are the best. We are a vacation type of family. 


We love to head down to the Jersey Shore every summer to see family and friends, swim in warmer waters, and eat ridiculous amounts of Taylor Ham.  Over the years, we’ve always had our dog with us on these trips, acting as a family ambassador who introduces us to other dog-loving people.

Our current dog, Moses, is more of a staycation type of guy. Traveling long distances in a car, to be with a bunch of people that he doesn’t know, in a strange place, is not what Mo is about. For him, being in familiar surroundings, with dogs and people that he knows, seems best for him right now.  With that, Mo packed his bags for a stay at his doggy daycare, which also boards. We know he is comfortable there with his best pals - both those with and without fur.


We do miss him tremendously when we are apart and are always checking Frisky’s Facebook page for a glimpse of Mo. We’ve only had him for a little over a year (read Mo’s Rescue Story here) so our hope is that one day soon, he will be comfortable enough to start joining us on short trips. 

Although we don’t want the vacation to end, we can’t wait until we pick up Mo. We know, like us, that he will be happy and exhausted from a week of full-out playing. We just hope he wants to come home!

In the meantime, we'll just have to get love from our friend, Ruby...

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