Behind The Scene - Grommet

Sometimes my shoots are calm. It’s usually me, my assistant (Amy), the dog and the owner. Other times, the shoot is a little more chaotic and fun. This shoot was one of those times.

My concept was to create an image of a spunky skateboarding pup. I knew I wanted a Corgi puppy as this breed has a sweet, comical look that would capture the youthfulness of the concept. Knowing puppies can have a range of personalities, I found a breeder with a litter of six-week-old Corgies so I would have model options.  

Here is the gang:


This one was keen on digging an escape route. Maybe he was camera shy!


We had extra help on hand. Our girl, Tess, puppy wrangled for us and wanted to take all five of them home!

After meeting all of the pups, I picked a few that I thought would work best. The job was for the Corgi to stand on two small blocks of wood that would replicate the height between the curb and a skateboard.

First up was this guy. He was a little too apprehensive.


 Second, was this little one. She was ready for a nap!


The third pup was the charm. This little guy was ready, willing and eager. I don’t think we even gave him a treat. He had “it”!


I got the shot, as well as the supporting photos of the skateboard and curb. I put it all together in post, making for an image that I think is pretty rad.

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