Lewie & Clark - THE PILLOW!

For some time now, we’ve wanted to expand our line to offer our fans truly unique dog products in addition to our art. We’ve been on different art-based websites, seeing what catches our eye – searching for items that we would want to have in our house or use with Lewie and Mo. As we were playing around on Etsy, we came across a collection of fun and colorful pillows that we could see having in our home, made by artist Holly Stout of The Salty Cottage. 

As luck - or fate - would have it, Holly is also located in Massachusetts, just a few towns away from us. We reached out to inquire about wholesaling her pillows on our site,  Holly, being an artist as well, saw that she could take some of Ron’s most iconic images and make them into pillows!

Labrador Retrievers in Canoe Boat by Ron Schmidt Looseleashes.co.

With some initial sketches and samples, Holly was able to create a colorful representation of Lewie & Clark in their canoe, paddling after their tennis ball. Each pillow is hand-pieced and stitched, made with locally sourced wool blend felt, cotton canvas, and luxe American Linen.

Lewie and Clark - Labs in Canoe Pillow By Ron Schmidt Loose Leashes

And so…we are THRILLED to introduce a brand new, uniquely “ours” product – The Adventures pillow! We’re equally as excited to collaborate with Holly to bring one of our most beloved images to your couch thanks to a collaboration that created a truly huggable work of art.

Labrador Pillow Labs in Canoe Boat on Wood Ron Schmidt


Labrador in Canoe Pillow by Ron Schmidt

Buy The Pillow HERE

Visit the Salty Cottage HERE
Stay tuned for more from Loose Leashes + The Salty Cottage!


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