Dog Hair Everywhere? 3 Hacks to Remove Dog Hair from Your Car

In a perfect world, we would have a car just for our dogs. A car that could get wet, muddy, stinky, and hairy - and you wouldn’t care because it was just for the dogs. But alas, our dogs have to share their car with us (not joking – we bought our car, a VW Atlas, specifically for our dogs). Sometimes, we have to share Mo and Lew's car with our human friends – which means it needs to be cleaned because it is a rare person that loves a coating of white dog hair all over their black pants.

We did some research and tried three home hacks to remove dog hair from the car carpeting (luckily, we have leather seats):

The Hacks

1. Pumice Stone

Pumice stone to clean dog hair from car

Yep – the same kind of stone you use to soften your feet.

The technique: Use the stone to tease the hair from the carpet with short strokes in one direction.

2. Rubber Bristle Brush

Rubber Bristle Brush to Clean Dog Hair from car

The small hand-held brush with rubber bristles that I used is available in the auto body section of most big box retail stores.

The technique: No rocket science involved - you brush the hair from the carpet.

3. Shower Squeegee

Squeegee to clean dog hair from car fro dog blog

Many of us have one - the same tool you use to clear water from the glass in the shower – or on your windshield.

The technique: Using the squeegee, put it across the carpet in one direction to dislodge the hair. The


Tools to clean dog hair from care - dog blog

3rd Place: The Squeegee This "tool" was basically better than nothing. It may have been the kind type of squeegee we used, but you would still need a lot of muscle and time to get the hair up. Also, the squeegee is narrow but wide, so there was no going into any of the cracks or cervices where the dog hair seems to gather the most.

2nd Place: Pumice Stone The pumice stone worked surprisingly well. The stone we were using was small, so we think a larger one would be more efficient and faster. The one downside is that the stone was light gray and our car carpet is black, so there was some pumice stone residue. A pro? The small stone fits into tight areas and corners, earning it points for usage.

1st Place: Rubber Bristle Brush  (tounge twister - say this 5x fast!) The brush was the clear winner by immediately pulling up a good amount of hair in a short amount of time - in addition to some dander and pumice dust. The brush didn’t require a lot of muscle, and it fits into most of the tighter areas, making the job easy and somewhat strangely satisfying.


The Rubber Bristle Brush is worth every penny for cleaning dog hair from your car carpets. And, when we say pennies - it didn't cost many. We grabbed our brush from Walmart for about $4.50. We did find that when thoroughly cleaning the car to remove as much hair as possible, the combination of the pumice stone for tight areas and corners worked well with the rubber bristle brush. With that, you now have something else to brush beside your dogs!! You're welcome.

Now off to design car flooring that will repel dog hair. VW are you listening???

Watch us review the tools here:

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We have 8 of your prints and also have a VW Atlas for our pups. Thanks for the cleaning tips because sometimes we even let our human friends ride in Daisy and Adele’s whip.
I love following your stories and of course we all love the artwork!
Keep smiling!

Sue &Rob August 28, 2022

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