Yellow Labrador Retriever and Black Labrador Retriever on wooden dock in lake. Art print for Dog  lovers by dog photographer Ron Schmidt

This shoot turned out to be fun for the entire family. Finding the dogs was easy but finding a floating wooden dock was not. My search for the dock began locally but I came up empty and had to expand my search. There is a well-known lake about two hours from home - Lake Winnipesaukee - that still has an old-timey vacation feel. I thought I might find my wooden dock there. I didn’t not but I did stumble across a young black bear that I thought was a very big black lab walking towards me! Luckily, when the cub noticed me, it was more scared than I was and took off. Plan B? Trolling Craigslist to find a rental with the perfect dock. I hit pay-dirt with a lake house in Maine and decided to take the entire family along for a 3-day vacation. The house was an old rustic fishing camp. Us parents were thrilled to be without the internet and tv - our kids, not so much. A nice family rented the camp next door and brought along their Golden Retriever and Jack Russell which thrilled our dog-loving daughter. Since I had the luxury of renting a place with its own wooden dock, I shot in the morning, in the evening, with clouds, in the wind, and, finally, during a beautiful sunset, which ended up being "it". The labs were shot back at home, at a local playground, where I outlined the exact dimensions of the dock on a basketball court, then measured and set the camera at the same elevation I had when I shot the dock. Everything came together seamlessly in post resulting in a great photo and fun family memories.

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