Tested by Mo - Stay Green Bites

What we love: Stay-Green Bites by Zesty Paws

Why: It’s saving our lawn!

“Mosey, Mosey, how does your garden grow?”

“I don’t care about the garden. Just give me another one of those tasty treats!” says Mo.


These treats are actually not so much for Mo but for our yard. Having a giant dog, that takes giant pees, wreaks havoc on our lawn.  We were determined to find something to prevent our grass from becoming pee burnt brown again this summer. Look familiar?

After doing some research, we stumbled upon this product – Stay Green Bites by Zesty Paws.  In addition to a greener lawn, Stay-Green Bites claims to provide digestive/ bowel support and are grain-free.


We’ve been giving Mo the recommended dosage for his weight (3 nibbles per day) since May 1st, and, we have to say, so far it’s working! Moses really likes these “treats” and, as for the grass, it IS greener on the other side!


PS: This is not a paid endorsement, advertisement or a sponsorship. Just want to share things we love and find useful with fellow dog lovers.

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