Epic Fail? We Try Clipping Our Dogs Nails at Home - How to Cut Your Dogs Nails - Tools, Tips, Tricks

Who’s ready for the laid-back experience of DIY dog nail clipping? Not!! LOL. In this video, we're keeping it real with a lighthearted tutorial as we trim both of our dogs’ nails at home - ourselves. No fancy stuff, just us, Mo, Lewie, and a whole lot of nail-clipping…or maybe not!

How to tackle nail grooming without the stress? We've got your back! Follow along - we spill the beans on choosing the right clippers, tips and tricks we use handling those squirmy paws and sharp claws.

We cover the common struggles – from dealing with hard, long, black, thick dog nails, to "how not to hit the quick". From “how often to "dealing with a dog who's just not having it." Spoiler alert: there might be a few laughs along the way.

🚀 We're not experts, just dog parents sharing our experiences and hoping to make your nail-clipping adventures a bit smoother. Tips, tricks, and maybe a doggie treat bribery tactic or two – it's all here!

🌟 What you'll catch in this video:

  • Choosing nail clippers
  • Dodging those "quick" pitfalls
  • Handling the wiggles and squirms – or not
  • Tips & tricks to dog nail clipping

The nail clipper we liked best is: https://amzn.to/49ZCUSt

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