"Fizz" was created with the help of Atticus, a VERY enthusiastic yellow lab (...aren’t they all)! I found this retro-looking soda pop bottle in my travels and placed a wooden dowel inside to simulate a straw. At the very end of the dowel, we placed a small bit of peanut butter.
Yellow Labrador Retirver Drinking out of a Bottle with a Red striped straw -  Dog Art Print, Gift for Dog lover, Art  Photo Print Wall Decor for Kitchen, Restuarant, Dining Room, Bar, Den
Atticus had his interest peaked and enjoyed licking every last bit of goodness off of the dowel while I shot away. Steve, his owner, was just out of frame - keeping his lab up on stage and catching the bottle as it inevitably 10 times.
I photographed Atticus against a deep gray hand-painted movable wall and then crafted the gray background into a banquette by dodging and burning what would ultimately be the cushions to give it shape. Final touches in post-production included replacing the dowel with a red striped straw and some actual bubbles in the bottle to give the final image some FIZZ!
"Fizz" Yellow Labrador Art Print by Ron Schmidt - Buy it HERE

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