Your Session: Ron’s sessions are designed to provide a comfortable, relaxed, and enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. Each photo session is about 45 minutes long and can accommodate up to two dogs from the same household for no additional fee. The session is broken down into three parts: a brief welcome, the shoot, and a few minutes to wrap up at the end. We will have toys and treats, but if there is a special toy or treat that you know will work best for your dog, you are welcome to bring it to the shoot.

Ron’s studio portrait sessions are taken with a grey and/or white backdrop, where the focus is on your dog’s personality and unique features. *Please note these are traditional portrait sessions that differ from Ron's more conceptual art photos.

Your Results: After your photo session, you will receive a link to a personal online gallery with the very best shots from your session. The turnaround time is 1 to 1½ weeks for Ron to edit and upload the pictures to your gallery page and we are happy to consult with you about photo selection and ordering the products if needed.

Pricing: Ron's session sitting fee is $750, which includes the $250 deposit required at the time of sign-up and a $150 credit toward prints & products.  The remaining balance of $500 will be invoiced to you prior to the shoot via email (or it can be paid on this page) and must be paid in full by the day of your shoot.

Prints & Products: Our products include unframed prints, acrylic prints, and a hardcover oversized photo book featuring your favorite images. Your $150 credit can be applied to any of these prints & products. Click here to see client products:

To Book Your Session: To reserve a spot on Ron's calendar, pay the $250 deposit box required to secure your spot on Ron's schedule.
* Within 24 hours of receiving your deposit, we'll contact you via the email address you provided at checkout to schedule the time of your session and provide additional details.
* The remaining balance of $500 will be invoiced via email prior to your session (or it can be paid on this page) and must be paid in full by the day of your shoot.
* Please note that the $250 deposit is not refundable if you cancel within 2 weeks of your scheduled session.