My dog is a little (insert adjective here; shy, hyper, nervous) and I am worried you won’t get any good photos.  Over the past 20 years, Ron has taken pictures dogs with all different kinds of personalities and has ALWAYS gotten the shot. During each session, he take at least 500 photos so he can safely say there will be some keepers. If you are wary of how it’s going to go, give us a call or shoot us an email so we can discuss any possible behavior challenges. That being said, sometimes we don’t know if the dog is terrified of the sound of the shutter or the flash of a light until Ron starts taking pictures. Ron's sessions are laid back and we understand that many dogs need time to get comfortable with us and the camera.

How many dogs can I bring to the session? Your session can include multiple dogs from the same household but there is an additional fee for more than two dogs.

Can I be in a picture with my dog? Absolutely. 

Do you do outdoor shots or home visits?  Reach out and let's discuss. There may be an added fee depending on travel/location. Contact Amy at to discuss.

How does the process work?

  1. Book a Session: To reserve a spot on Ron's calendar, reach out to us at to check on Ron's availability as he typically offers only 25 private sessions annually. Upon booking, you will be invoiced  $250 to secure your spot on Ron's schedule. The balance of the sitting fee, $500, will be invoiced via email a few days before your session and payment is due by the day of your shoot.
  2. Say Cheese (or whatever your treat of choice is): Ron understands dogs and his sessions are designed to be comfortable and relaxed for both you and your dog. Each photo session is about 45 minutes long and can accommodate up to dogs from the same household for no additional fee. The session is broken down into three parts: a brief welcome, the shoot, and a few minutes to wrap up at the end. We will have toys and treats. If there is a special toy or treat that you know will work best for your dog, you are welcome to bring it to the shoot. 
  3. Pick Your Favorites: After your photo session, you will receive a link to a personal online gallery with the very best shots from your session. The turnaround time is 1 to 1½ weeks for Ron to edit and upload the pictures to your gallery page and we are happy to consult with you about photo selection and ordering the products if needed.
  4. Order Your Art: Our products include unframed prints, acrylic prints, and a hardcover oversized photo book featuring your favorite images. Your $100 credit can be applied to any of these prints & products. Click here to see client products:
  5. Enjoy Your Art for Years to Come!