Chillin' Out

August 06, 2009 1 Comment

I know it's the dead of summer and, like me, you are probably panting the day away. It always helps me to imagine that I am in a nice cool (ok - cold) place. A place like the one my friend Jack Frost is at.

This image was taken at wintertime (duh) in the mountains of Vermont. Rumor has it that on the day of the shoot, it was snowing like crazy at the mountaintop, but a balmy 50 degrees below. Go figure.

Anyway - this picture makes me want to chill out and I hope it does the same for you!


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Rosie and her pack
Rosie and her pack

August 07, 2009

You should come to Minnesota…Jack Frost lives here ALL year long;at least this year. I THINK it might be 60 degrees today; and it is August 7th! No dogs panting here….cool breeze, rain…even Ted the chow is cool today!

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