Cheese Breath

July 13, 2009 3 Comments

I can only describe the events of last week as outrageous and questionable.  My master invited five Boston Terriers and one Chihuahua named "Johnny" over to star in a photo shoot. We were all placed together in the Green Room (the backyard) where we could all get to know each other (sniff some butts) and hang out (chase each other around).

One by one, each dog was taken and then later returned with a faint smell of cheddar on their breath. Now I don't know what Ron was doing with these dogs, but I do know that it involved lots of cheese. This leads me to a few conclusions:

1. There was a cheese festival inside that I was not invited to attend.

2. The little dogs were sneaking squares of the yellowy goodness out of the fridge when no one was looking.

3. Ron was coaxing each dog with cheesy treats to perform for the camera.

My guess is #3. I  can only image what those photos looks like!

And you're wondering if I played the gracious host?


Not me.

I hid under the deck.

PS: Check back soon to see the actual image  "Biscuit"

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Charlie the Cheese Breathing Boston
Charlie the Cheese Breathing Boston

August 11, 2009

Dear Sam,
On behalf of my family, I would like to respond to your recent comments on our visit to your studio for “Project Runaway”. that actually resulted in the fabulous cheese tasting party that your masters offered us. Perhaps it is our fine pedigrees that turned you into an introvert, but alas, we believe that it is our amazing “zest for life” that was just too much for you to bear! Perhaps if we had toned down our enthusiam, you would have enjoyed the cheddar as well, but you were the star of “Project Runaway” by hiding under the deck, and I was the lucky star for the portrait entitled “Biscuit”. We truly enjoyed our adventure, and even “Johnny”, our pet chihuahua had a wonderful time.
Please know that we found your human family amusing and lovable, and they do have exquisite taste in cheese. We only hope that we will be invited to their “Whine Tasting” party!
Best Wishes,
Charlie, Libby, Chloe, Holly, Winnie, and Johnny

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