In and Out (and In Again)

So I want to go outside for a brief moment to sniff a tree, nibble some grass or stare blankly at the sky and come right back in.  What’s so annoying about that?  Granted, I may do this 5 or 6 times in one morning, sometimes adding a tiny whimper along with my back door stance to get some attention.

I follow my heart, live in the moment and go where the day takes me. If I catch a whiff of something interesting, I want to explore.  If I see a herd of squirrels frolicking in the yard, I want to join them, and if I want a brief mid-day snack, grass is a nice low-cal option since the fridge is off limits.

My owners act all annoyed because of all of the up and down, opening and closing and in and out.

Believe me, if I had hands I’d take of it myself.

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