Wash and Dry

April 09, 2009

I don't understand dogs who dislike going to the groomers - it's hours of undivided attention with the washing, the drying, the brushing and the fluffing. And, if you are a good boy, you get a bone at the end! Of course it helps if your groomer loves and adores you.

However, I can see how one could panic being  shaved down to naked in public. I think that would cause me some some anxiety and embarrassment.

I have one friend, Honey, who hates going to groomer so much that she wrote a poem about it:

I Will Not Go to the Groomer
I will not go to the groomer
And won’t be washed outside.
To be bathed in a public place
Is quite undignified.

I need a little privacy,
Some quiet time to think.
So if you’ll kindly draw my bath,
I’ll soak here in the sink.

*(copyright 2009)yorkshire terrier soaking in sink

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