Street Food

Living in an urban setting, I have to opportunity to sample a lot of street food. I'm not talking about food sold from carts, trucks or vendors - I am talking about food that I literally eat off the street.

The walk on garbage day is the best. My friends - the raccoons, possums, skunks and cats (yes, cats) have been hard at work overnight tearing open trash bags and tipping garbage cans resulting in a smorgasbord of tastes and flavors scattered on the streets.

On my most recent walk, I dined on pizza crust, some Spanish rice and a chicken wing (I may have also eaten a cigarette butt which could describe the ashy taste I still have my mouth). Wash this all down with a little puddle water and you have one fine meal!

Now I know I am not supposed to eat this stuff, but I just can't control myself! Could you?

The downside?

I have a sensitive (burp) stomach.

Pass the Tums please.

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