Blow Out!

It's almost time to leave my winter coat behind to don a slimmer, sleeker, summery version.  I'm blowing out my coat baby! 

For those of you who don't know what this means, understand that I am about to loose a tremendous amount of fur in a short period of time in what can only be compared to a blizzard of hair. But, before I commence with "The Shed" as I like to call it, I wanted to take the opportunity to apologize to my owners in advance. 

I apologize for the piles of white furry tumbleweed that will gather and swirl in the corners of the room.

I apologize for coating your black pants, shirt, socks, gloves, jacket and anything else black you own with millions of stands of me.

I apologize for any bits of fur that may get in your eyes, nose, mouth and/or throat.

I apologize to your friends when they are engulfed in a cloud of fur from petting me.

I apologize for the piece or two of fur that might end up in a dish that you may or may not be preparing for a guest.

And, lastly, I apologize for the hours of vacuuming that you will have to endure. I would do for you if I could (not).

Well, with that off my chest -


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