Ahh - The Sweet Life

January 15, 2009 3 Comments


Hi – I’m Sam Schmidt.  Some people think I am a giant yellow lab, a “short haired” Great Pyrenees (is there such a thing?) or an Anatolian Shepherd. I’m frequently compared to Falcor from the “Never Ending Story” because of my size, white fur, and gentle way, but I don’t think I’m a Luck Dragon. Honestly, I don’t know what I am.  I‘m adopted.

I got my start on a farm in Appalachia where I lived with a farmer who was not the kindest of folk.  I was thin, scared and sick when animal control came to take me away. I was put in a shelter where a kind-hearted lady found me, took me in and got me well.  She listed me on Petfinder and that’s where the Schmidts found me.  It was the beginning of my sweet life.

I was driven, by relay, up to Pennsylvania on a snowy January day where I met my new owners Ron Schmidt and Amy Schmidt (or “Sir “ and “The Girl “as I like to call them). They love dogs so much that they have a business based on us furry guys called “Loose Leashes”. Ron is a professional photographer and Amy is a writer. Together, they have created a line of fun and witty dog characters. Ron’s images can be found on greeting cards, calendars and framed art.  They also just wrote a book that was published by Random House Children’s Books titled “Loose Leashes” which is available on-line and at all major books stores. I guess I am bragging but I’m just so darn proud of them.

Anyway, where am I going with all of this?  I want to stress the importance of animal adoption. They are lots more good ‘old boys  (and gals) like me out there waiting for a chance at the sweet life.

Bark back soon with more.


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Terry mannix
Terry mannix

February 28, 2014

Do you have any greeting cards?

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