fetch me a beer

Fetch...me a beer

I would LOVE a dog who could go to the fridge and fetch me a cold beer. Are there dogs that can do this? Yep – here’s is an example:

I’m not so lucky. Lew is too short to reach our fridge handles and Mo doesn’t really do anything to please anyone. With that, it was up to me and my imagination to create my own beer-fetching dog.

The concept was simple. A black lab holding a six-pack. The devil would be in the details so the beer can needed to be special. For inspiration, I visited several liquor stores to find beers that featured dogs on the label to use as inspiration. Surprisingly, several beer companies feature cats on their labels– like this cool one from Brouwerij West.

Brouwerif West Bounce

However, few breweries featured dogs on their labels. I did find these two, Imperial Coconut Jones by Pipeworks and Old Brown Dog from Smuttynose Brewing.

Pipeworks Imperial Coconut Jones Dog

Smuttynose - Old Brown Dog - American Brown Ale

Strangely enough, Smuttynose is about 15 minutes from my house and we’ve visited there when they’ve hosted their Dog Days of Summer. Here we are with Mo a few years back (pre-Lewie).

Back at the drawing board, and, once again, it was up to me to create my own dog beer “brand”.

The final piece of the puzzle was our model. I reached out to one of my most favorite models – one I knew could do the job – Scout. Scout is in many pictures of mine – especially ones where I need a lab to hold something. He is an AKC Certified Master Hunter so he’s been trained to hold almost anything and is a champ in our book (along with owner Steve, who works tirelessly with him). For the shoot, I had him hold a seltzer can – which was easy for him!

In post-production, I placed all of the elements together and brought my beer-fetching friend to life!

Ron Schmidt - March 22, 2020

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